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I'm a stay-at-home step & adoptive mom and I love it! Four kids keep me on my toes, even though not all still live with me.. When not being driven crazy by the kids, I write. Fiction, real life stories and wrestling blogs. That's right, a chick who writes about WWE and TNA! Along with the three kids, we have a house full of critters. three cats, three rattie and my little service dog. Yes, I said I have a service dog. I have Crohn's Disease, diagnosed 30 years ago. I got my wonderful maltipoo as a pet, but he started telling me about my pain before it became debilitating and other issues before they became problems. For him it's because he's in tune with my body, knows something wrong and can't do anything to help me, so he gets tweaky. That tells me there's something wrong. He'll also pokes me where I'm having a problem. Hurts, but also helps.

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